A Word from our Pastor

“Jesus preached,” quoting the prophet Isaiah (61:1-3): ‘The spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor…’ Today this scripture has been fulfilled.” (Luke 4:18)
Pastor Mike Slaughter of Ginghamsburg UMC in Ohio, speaker at Annual Conference this year, reminded us that the above passage is OUR mission statement, and “If it isn’t good news for the poor, it isn’t the Gospel!” He reminded us we are called to “change the world” by living the Great Requirement (Micah 6): “Do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with God;” the Great Commandment (John 3): “Love God, love your neighbor as yourself;” and the Great Commission (Matthew 28): “Go and make disciples, teaching them all I have commanded you.” As Jesus called the twelve to be with him, we are called to be in relationship with him through private and public worship, study, and mission; as he sent his disciples out to proclaim the kingdom of God, we are called to live lives that demonstrate the kingdom by word and deed; and as the disciples were given authority in Jesus’ name to drive out demons, we are empowered to drive out evil. As follow up, Rev. Ken Sloane of UM Communications encouraged us, as we “rethink church,” to “get out of our buildings!”
How might we at St. Andrew’s, increase our living into this mission statement to bring good news to the poor in our time, in our place? How might we “rethink church,” using the blessing of our buildings to be nurtured and fed on God’s love, and then going from this place to reach out to those in need where they are? We have begun a partnership with the UMC in Asbury Park and I pray we can continue to reach out to join them in ministry to the community, that we may be an integral part of an initiative among area UM churches to start a soup kitchen in Belmar beginning in October. I pray you will pray and consider how this church might support you in ministries in the area as you see need. Let’s “rethink church” by leaving our building more and more, and together “change the world” one person, one ministry at a time.

Blessed to be in ministry with you, Francie

A Big Thank You

A big thank you to everyone that contributed to the new bathroom in the middle building. Marcye Gough, her Mom, Loraine Voorhees, Bill & Nancy Moore and the Kregg Family generously donated the new low flush toilets when we needed them desperately. Tom Arnone Plumbing replaced the old plumbing and hooked up the new fixtures at cost. Luke Crossman donated his time on a few Saturdays to paint and lay tile. Mary Eichhorn is donating beautiful framed photos from her Spring Lake portfolio. And we all thank Tom and Val Crossman for many hours to make it happen. We hope the new facility will be enjoyed by our ladies who work so hard for our church, our wonderful and faithful choir, and wedding parties choosing St. Andrew’s for their special day.

The 17th Annual Walk for All Ages

The 17th Walk for All Ages was held on Sunday June 12th on the lawn of in front of the Great Auditorium in Ocean Grove to raise money for the Fellowship Fund. St. Andrew’s team was represented by Carol Fitzgerald, Jane Greenwald and Maureen Miller, and raised $635.00 to be matched by Prudential and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield.

United Methodist Homes provides care to 1300 seniors in 10 communities.  The founders of UMH made this promise: “no resident will ever be asked to leave due to inability to pay the total cost of care.”  Your generous contributions to The Fellowship Fund make it possible to keep this promise. For information about supporting our team who walked, please contact the church office.

About St. Andrew’s Newsletters:

Because the post office sends bulk mail only out of Eatontown or Lakewood, through Trenton, our newsletters when mailed bulk were taking 2 weeks to get to you. Many of you are enjoying our e-mail copies of the printed newsletter, and we mail 3 printed copies per year around the holidays by first class. Others of you are picking yours up in the sanctuary and we mail to those who cannot do that. This is working pretty well, and saving time in mailing and money in postage. Let us know if you would like to change how your newsletter is coming to you. We will continue to find ways to communicate with you.

Saturday, June 25th

In the fall, gifts for the Bazaar are given by local merchants, but for the Spring Bazaar the UMW asks for church individuals to donate a gift such as a certificate for dinner at a local restaurant or a gift made by someone. Also donations for Granny’s Attic, old jewelry and baked goods are needed. So come out and support the UMW. For more information contact Betty Rushton.

Summer Camp Opportunities

Summer is around the corner! And that means that our United Methodist Camp – Pinelands Center at Mt. Misery’s schedule of summer camps is here…. Children from elementary school through high school can choose from a variety of exciting camp experiences: including games, crafts, campfires, water activity/swimming, theater, adventure, and sports. Leadership and “reality camp” also available to junior high and senior high students… Special needs camps and camperships available. For more information, see Pastor Francie, call the Church office, or go on-line to www.pinelandscenter.org.

Member Care Committee

As warmer weather and the summer season approaches, we tend to be busy with outdoor work, entertaining, and vacationing. Rest assured that the work of Member Care does not go on vacation.

This committee is here to serve the needs of this congregation by being in touch with those who need to be ministered to through a meal, a visit, a call, or a card.

We are calling upon you to be our eyes and ears. Let us know who would benefit from some TLC. Call the office, the pastor, or a member of the committee so we can reach out to that person or family.

We get meaningful feedback from folks who feel St. Andrew’s presence in their lives when they most need it. Help us to continue to be a channel of love to members and prospective members of this congregation.

Our faithful committee member are: Jackie Capestro, Jacky Cloud, Dee Dee Fabry, Audrey Knox, Nancy Moore, Betty Papsdorf, Wanda Shoppell, Norma Westervelt.

There are many others in the congregation who are willing to provide a meal and we thank you for your help. If you would like to help in this area, please contact Jacky Cloud or Dee Fabry.

Choir Recognition and Celebration of Music Ministry

On Sunday June 6 we celebrated our music ministry and recognized and thanked our choir and music director Mary Eichhorn. The choir will resume in September, and we will enjoy special music through the summer.

Christian Education, Sunday School Recognition Sunday

On Sunday June 19th we celebrated Christian Education at St. Andrew’s. We recognized and showed our appreciation for our teachers for their faithfulness and love of their students; we celebrated our children and adult learners for their faithfulness in growing as disciples. As we give our teachers time to refresh and renew in the summer months and because of the heat and schedules of the summer, our services will be more informal, and our children are encouraged to stay through the shorter worship services. We Recognize these Teachers & Substitutes: Jennifer Winemiller Robbins, Jill Lambert, Michele Nieberlien, Karen Fulton, Barbara Winemiller, Amanda Winemiller, Karen Jankowski.


I invite you to prayerfully consider a life-affirming, faith-growing experience, a 34-week intensive study of Old and New Testaments, from creation to the new Jerusalem.  We’ll study major persons, events, themes of the Bible in a chronological movement of the biblical story. DISCIPLE aims at transformation, not just information.  We meet for 2 hours once per week, day and time to be determined by the group; each session includes a 15 minute video presentation by a Bible scholar, then guided discussion among the group that relates the reading to our lives and growth as disciples of Jesus Christ.  Homework reading is expected.  Hundreds of thousands of fellow Christian journeyers, including 10 from St. Andrew’s have grown and benefited from Disciple Bible Study since its introduction in the 1980’s by The United Methodist Church. We’ll have an information/introduction session in early September; in the meantime if you are interested or have questions, please contact Pastor Francie.

Confirmation Class 2011

On Sunday June 12, these 7th-8th graders : Cooper Fortney, Jackie Fulton, Colette Gilbert, Emily Neiberlien, Charlie Sutton.

were confirmed and received into full membership after a year of study and fellowship together.  The congregation joined in the Statement of Faith they wrote that reflects some of what they learned:

We believe: God created us in God’s image, loves us no matter what, and will always forgive us.  God and Jesus offer eternal life. Jesus is our savior, and died for us.  The Holy Spirit is within everyone, and guides us, encourages us, comforts us and blesses us.  The church is a safe place for everyone, and is as close to heaven as we get. Together as the body of Christ we worship, pray, learn, care and serve.  Amen.  

Other things they learned:Love God and love neighbor as yourself (Jesus); Do no harm; do good; stay in love with God (John Wesley); Grace is God’s undeserved love; We are only baptized once, accepted into God’s family the church; As Methodists, we make decisions using Scripture, Tradition, Experience and Reason.

Women’s Covenant Group

This committed, faithful group will resume in September to study and grow in faith. We invite you to join us! Mondays 4pm in the Blakeman Room. Contact Pastor Francie for information.

Shawl Knitting Ministry

Behold I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth,
do you not perceive it?
(Isaiah 3:19)

The Shawl Ministry was started in 1998 by clergywomen in Connecticut who knit shawls for women undergoing treatment for breast cancer and for new mothers. Others began knitting to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, friendship and love, and personal and professional achievements, as well as consoling those who grieve, comforting those who are ill, bringing hope to those who are in despair. People all over the world are knitting (and crocheting) and receiving shawls as gifts of love. When someone wears a shawl, or uses it as a lap blanket, they are connected not only with those who made it, those in the congregation who prayed over it, and many people around the world, but also the healing power of God’s unending love. We ask God’s blessings on those who craft and give away their shawls, that they may be blessed by the shawls as they are given extending that blessing to those who receive. The St. Andrew’s Shawl Ministry has crafted and given 80 shawls; reaching out with God’s love. If you know someone who could benefit from being wrapped in a physical representation of the comforting love-filled arms of God, please contact Pastor Francie. If you’d like to join us, or learn to knit, let us know. Directions are available in the mailboxes across from the choir room, or online at www.shawlministry.com.

Disciple 3 Graduates: Remember Who You Are.

Bernice Natiello
June Coles
Betty Rushton
Audrey Knox

The above list are the Disciple Bible Study Graduates who have finished the 32 week study of The Prophets and The Letters of Paul. If you would like to know more, please speak to one of the graduates or Pastor Francie. We will offer the introductory study again beginning in September 2011, as well as Disciple 4 “ Under the Tree of Life”.

Facts & Figures

Fixed Monthly Expenses $ 14,600.00 (which includes Personnel expenses, Shared Ministries, utilities, Insurance and Sunday School Curriculum.)

Plus Additional Expenses: $ 1250.00 average monthly expense (postage, office and cleaning supplies, lawn and equipment maintenance or building maintenance and repair.)

Needed monthly $ 15,850.00

Actual Monthly Giving: January $ 15,792.00
February 15,459.00
March 13, 434.00
April 15, 986.00
May 13,478.00
June 12,931.00

Other Information

After months of prayerful consideration and consultation, the Trustees and the Finance Committees have contracted to go ahead and air condition the sanctuary.

St. Andrew’s Golf Classic to help finance the air conditioning project will be held Monday, June 27th at Pine Barrons Golf Club for more information and how you can participate, there is a brochure in the rear of the sanctuary or contact Mary Eichhorn

Invitation to unite formally with St. Andrew’s

We will be receiving new members on Sunday July 10th, for those of you who worship with us but have not united formally as a member of St. Andrew’s. If you would like to join the church, or if you have questions about membership, please contact Pastor Francie.

Mission Opportunities

St. Andrew’s friends and members, of ALL AGES including our youth and children, will be reaching out to our neighbors in Asbury Park this summer, serving side by side with First UMC there. More details to come. You’ve asked for mission project locally—here’s your chance! If you are interested in this important local out-reach, please contact Pastor Francie. In addition, area United Methodist churches are planning and hope to begin a Soup Kitchen in Belmar the last Saturday of the month beginning in September. Please let Francie know if you are able to give a few hours to this Important outreach.

Opportunities for mission within the church – we always welcome new people to the ministries of the church and would welcome you to these tasks (contact Pastor Francie if even a little bit interested or intrigued and we’ll guide you!):

preparation of coffee on Sunday mornings for our Coffee Hour fellowship time and schedule those who bring finger food to enhance the coffee. 

leadership of the ministries in Asbury Park and the Soup Kitchen in Belmar

“pew maintenance”- going through the pews periodically to be sure there are prayer cards, fellowship pads, etc. 

altar flower scheduling and arranging occasional window washing and other seasonal cleaning.

Support Our Troops

Ray Miller is currently collecting money and or AT&T Phone cards to send to our troops overseas.
For every $10.00 he collects, he is able to purchase a 150 minute phone card.
For more information call Ray or the church office.

How important is your ministry of phone cards to our service women and men?

Here is news in an email to Ray Miller from United Methodist Chaplain Mac, stationed in Kuwait, at “The Gateway” where soldiers travel through on their way to and from Afghanistan and Iraq, many on emergency leave:

The cards are here and very much appreciated. The cards we have are 60 mins and only useable on Govt. phones. The ATT cards that you sent will be quite helpful. True as I sit here at 330 AM, I was in this spot 2 days ago when a soldier showed up in tears, headed for Emergency Leave, needed a card to call, her son 19, had attempted suicide. Her need was for a phone card more versatile than the one we had. She could have gone to a call center and had more privacy than here in our busy tent. Fortunately, this is uncommon but it is the truth and these very challenging situations do appear. The card also then can be used along the route home -in Germany, or Ireland, or at the airport in the states to coordinate rides and times for pickup.
Sir, I really appreciate this UM work. John and Charles Wesley would have probably preached a sermon or wrote a hymn- maybe already did, about this kind of serving and sharing. I also remember her stating….. “And my cell phone doesn’t work over here.” The call made all the difference because she determined that the young man was in ICU and whoever she spoke with calmed her immensely. She left with her tears gone and expressing appreciation for the assistance. “You have turned my mourning into dancing and now my heart silent no longer will sing your praises.” (Psalms) Not quite that dramatic but a lot of truth in that line. I put her on the phone. Checked back a couple times visually, and asked at the end two questions. She left composed and taking the next step on her quick trip home.

Chaplain Mac

Walking the Labyrinth

Summer is a perfect time to visit the Labyrinth in our Meditation Garden. The Labyrinth is a spiritual tool, which integrates the physical and spiritual, emotional and rational into one, a form of meditation enhanced by using our body as well as our heart. In walking the Labyrinth, people may find God, may find peace, they may find comfort and guidance, and so much more.
It has one path – it is not a puzzle to figure out, but one path to the center and back, that helps to lead us to our center and the divine at that center. Along the way, which acts as a metaphor for life’s journey, the path takes unexpected turns; just when we think we know where we are and where we’re going, and what to do, the path switches back on us. One minute we’re sure we’re headed for the center, the next we’re flung out again to the outer rings.
There are many ways to walk the labyrinth, depending on who you are and what’s happening in your life. Before you begin, reflect on where you are in your life, and perhaps define something to focus on: a question or situation you’d like guidance or direction on, a prayer concern, or just a quest for peace in your soul. There is no right or wrong way to walk; try not to listen to a voice inside that says to do it differently! Begin at the one entrance into the Labyrinth, walking slowly, stopping along the way if you wish, and stay on the path. If there is someone else on the path, you may go around them and continue on your walk. When you arrive at the center, you may remain there for a while or turn and follow the path back to where you started. Lauren Artress suggests in Walking a Sacred Path some possible approaches to your walk:

1. Quiet your mind, letting all thoughts go as they present themselves, and being attentive to any emotions that come up.
2. Focus on a question that you’ve been asking yourself, preferably not a “yes” or “no” question. There is nothing magical about the Labyrinth walk; but it will allow your consciousness to open so that deeper (new?) parts of yourself can speak to you. Even if you can’t articulate the question well, have a sense of the question and begin.
3. Meditate by repeating a word, mantra, or a phrase over and over to yourself.
4. Read scripture; you may experience God in a different way, or gain a deeper understanding of your faith.
5. Ask for help through prayer. Pray for others by name as you walk. Talk to God as if you were writing a letter. Asking God for what we need is a way of nurturing us spiritually. Lauren Artress reminds us that “the Labyrinth is a place where you can pour your heart out, express your anger, experience joy, express gratitude – and perhaps above all, ask for what you need.”
6. Honor a benchmark in time: an anniversary of a death, a birth date.

For more information, contact Pastor Francie. If there is interest, I will lead your group at your convenience; let me know.

Lectionary Readings for June & July

June 19 Genesis 1: 1-2: 4a, Psalm 8, 2 Corinthians 13: 11-13, Matthew 28: 16-20

June 26 Genesis 22: 1-14, Psalm 13, Romans 6: 12-23, Matthew 10: 40-42

July 3 Genesis 24: 34-38,42-49,58-67, Psalm 72, Romans 7: 15-25, Matthew 11: 16-30

July 10 Genesis 25: 19-34, Psalm 25, Romans 8: 1-11, Matthew 13: 1-9, 18-23

July 17 Genesis 28: 10-19, Psalm 139, Romans 8: 12-25, Matthew 13: 24-30, 36-43

July 24 Genesis 29: 15-28, Psalm 105, Romans 8: 26-39, Matthew 13: 31-33, 44-52

July 31 Genesis 32: 22-31, Psalm 17, Romans 9: 1-5, Matthew 14: 13-21

St. Andrew’s Mission Statement

“Through faith in Christ, we open our hearts, minds and doors, reaching out to all.” Reach out to someone in the name of Christ this week.

June 22nd, 2011

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Found on many websites of Sunday School jokes, and included in this morning’s message:
Everything I Need to Know About Life I Learned from Noah’s Ark:
1. Don’t miss the boat.
2. Remember that we are all in the same boat.
3. Plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark.
4. Stay fit. When you’re 600 years old, someone may ask you to do something really big.
5. Don’t listen to critics; just get on with the job that needs to be done.
6. Build your future on high ground.
7. For safety sake, travel in pairs.
8. Speed isn’t always an advantage. The snails were on board with the cheetahs.
9. When you’re stressed, float awhile.
10. Remember, the Ark was built by amateurs;the Titanic by professionals.
11. No matter the storm, with God there’s always a rainbow waiting.

Never stop learning about God’s love in Jesus Christ, and share what you’ve learned about that love with someone today.

June 19th, 2011

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