Annual Christmas Bazaar

Our Annual Christmas Bazaar will be on Saturday, November 22, 2014- from 9:30 am- 2 pm.



Gently Used Jewelry





  • Our World Famous Turkey Salad~ Lunch is served!
  • Gift Auction of wonderfully put together baskets and items!
  • Grannies Attic!
  • Baked treats!
  • Gently Used Jewelry for $ next to nothing!
  • Art work by our resident artist, June Coles
  • New this year! A quilting table
Christmas Bazaar

Christmas Bazaar


Resident Artist: June Coles

Come and get ahead of holiday shopping, and enjoy an afternoon of fellowship and fun!

Our fund raising event is led by our United Methodist Women, who designates the proceeds toward various missions that help people in need here and abroad.

Grannies Attic

Grannies Attic

November 10th, 2014

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What are you feeding your soul? How do we find encouragement to live in difficult and challenging times, especially with faith, hope, and love?

All are welcome to engage in conversations around topics on Christian living.  We view a video on a relevant subject, and then move into discussions as a group.

Our newest 6 week Discussion is based on “Not a Fan” by Kyle Idleman (started Oct 22, 2014).  Please contact me at if you wish to participate.


We meet every Tuesday Evenings from 6:00-8 pm and Wednesday Mornings from 10-11:30 am in Wesley Hall (between 4th & Mercer) in the Woodfield Room (upstairs to the left).

All are welcome!  Come as you are!  Please email for more information and if you’re interested.

New groups are welcomed and encouraged to meet at a time that may work better for you!

Video materials that we have used in the past year:


NOOMA Series by Rob Bell

by Rick Warren


by Rick Warren

October 14th, 2014

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Thank you everyone who donated and/or helped make our annual Rummage Sale a big success! We raised $3200!! Much of which will be used toward the missions that we support.

September 23rd, 2014

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Please join us in Wesley Hall following Sunday worship service for a farewell brunch for Pastor Francie.

Fisherman’s Basket” Food Pantry   is in need of coffee, canned tuna, jelly, instant potatoes, fruit, pasta meals, peanut butter, jelly, snacks, powered milk, soup, tomato sauce, juice and paper grocery bags with handles.  THANK YOU!

UMW Annual Spring Bazaar  The date is Saturday, June 22  from 9:30am to 2pm. The more support we have the better it will be. Granny’s Attic needs nice ‘stuff’ from your attic, cellar, garage or closet that you no longer want. The Gift Auction is looking for new gifts or gift cards Baked goods are welcome at the Bakery table (they can be brought in Friday or early Saturday morning). Susannah-Rachel’s Kitchen needs donations of turkeys to cook for their famous turkey salad. Your old jewelry will get a new life when it’s sold at the Jewelry table. If you can be at the Bazaar to set-up on Thursday or Friday, to work on Saturday or to clean-up on Saturday at 2pm; your assistance will be appreciated.
Endowment Fund Information  There are flyers on the back table to help youunderstand how you can ensure the future of St. Andrew’s.
 Ring Found   A ring was found in the Ladies room in Wesley Hall during the setup of the Rummage Sale. If you lost a ring please contact the church office.
Pastoral Needs?  Pastor Francie is on call until June 30th, and can be reached at732447-5995 orpastorfrancie(at)

The Church Mailing Address: The Post Office asked us to remind you to address allcorrespondence to the church to 907 Fourth Ave. because “4th & West Lake is a location not an address”.Thank you.

Find and “like” us on Facebook at for up to date information.


June 14th, 2013

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June 8th, 2013

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Newsletter June 2013

Pastor’s Message:
“I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?” (Isaiah 43:19)
From, and even before, the time of the prophet Isaiah, God has surprised and unsettled humanity by doing “a new thing.”  And from that time also, humanity has resisted, trying to do it our way.  Our God we worship in Christ is about renewal and abundant life for all people regardless of generation or financial status or ethnicity.  In our United Methodist way of appointing pastors to churches, we trust that God’s Holy Spirit is at work in the prayerful consideration of the Bishop and Cabinet, that the Spirit guides us in leading the body of Christ faithfully forward, calling us always to be alert for the new thing God has in mind.  What God has in mind often makes us uncomfortable because it’s not what we’ve done before, and is not always easy to discern, but with prayer and discerning conversation it is possible to sense where God may be leading us.
Over the years I’ve walked with you, I have asked, in worship as we hear God’s word and as together we pondered God’s vision for St. Andrew’s, and you have responded overwhelmingly with these words: “more children in Sunday School and youth group,” and “an increase in families,” toward the goal of more people in worship and “in mission to those in need.”  I believe in these years together, the church has grown strong and confident and faithful in its mission to the larger community, we are on a better financial footing and have a more attractive physical plant from which to be in mission.  I also believe God is telling us it is time for a “new thing:” a gifted young family with children coming to lead and walk with St. Andrew’s where God leads.  I also believe God calls us to put our fears aside, trust, and follow faithfully.
I invite you to join me in welcoming Pastor Eusun and his family, with open doors, minds and hearts, open to hearing and engaging in the “new thing” God has in mind for Christ’s ministry in the Spring Lake area.  
Trusting in the goodness of God, and so blessed to have walked with you on this part of our journeys, Francie
Growing as Disciples Through Education and Nurture

Christian Education, Sunday School Recognition Sunday On Sunday June 9th we celebrate Christian Education at St. Andrew’s.  We  recognize and show our appreciation for our teachers for their faithfulness and love of their students; we celebrate our children and adult learners for their faithfulness in growing as disciples.  As we give our teachers time to refresh and renew in the summer months and because of the heat and schedules of the summer, our services will be more informal, and our children are encouraged to stay through the shorter worship services.  We Recognize these Teachers  Jennifer Winemiller Robbins, Michele Neiberlien, Karen Jankowski , Tom Fulton,  Karen Fulton.

The Christian Believer Graduates:  We commend and thank God for these graduates of this 30-week study of Christian beliefs: June Coles, Bernice Natiello, Carol Palkowetz, and Betty Rushton.
Walk to Emmaus:  We commend and thank God for Pat Keller who attended the 72-hour spiritual retreat in April. She joins Jackie Capestro, Chip Craig, June Coles, Karin Goodman, Eleanor McClymont, and Gaylen Nolan who have also strengthened their faith and will continue to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ through this experience. We invite you to speak to one of them and prayerfully consider attending this rewarding experience in November.
Choir Recognition and Celebration of Music Ministry On Sunday June 9 we celebrate our music ministry and recognize and thank our choir . The choir will resume in September, and we will enjoy special music through the summer.
Summer worship at St. Andrews – be there!  It’s summertime!   Our choir is taking a break from regular worship  leadership for the summer.  Our summer morning worship services will be less formal, and will last less than an hour.  Come as you are/as you are comfortable, but please continue to worship this summer, and bring family and visitors, neighbors and friends.  Let’s share the love and fellowship and outreach of St. Andrew’s with others this summer!
Growing as Disciples Through Mission
Member Care Committee  As warmer weather and the summer season approaches, we tend to be busy with outdoor work, entertaining, and vacationing.  Rest assured that the work of  Member Care does not go on   vacation. This committee is here to serve the needs of this congregation by being in touch with those who need to be ministered to through a meal, a visit, a call, or a card. We are calling upon you to be our eyes and ears.  Let us know who would benefit from some TLC.  Call the office, the pastor, or a member of the  committee so we can reach out to that person or family. We get meaningful feedback from folks who feel St. Andrew’s presence in their lives when they most need it.  Help us to continue to be a channel of love to members and prospective members of this congregation. Our faithful committee members are:  Gen Barbur, Carol Campbell, Jackie Capestro, Jacky Cloud, Dee Dee Fabry, Janet Kane, Audrey Knox,  Nancy Moore, Betty Papsdorf, Stephanie Patterson, Wanda Shoppell, Judy Thomas, Norma Westervelt   There are many others in the congregation who are willing to provide a meal and we thank you for your help.  If you would like to help in this area, please contact Dee Fabry.
Fisherman’s Basket Food Pantry Update: With your help, the “Fisherman’s Basket” is open one Sunday per month in Wesley Hall. We serve about 15 local residents, one who responded “you are the answer to my prayer.” Indeed, you are! Our pantry is in need of coffee, canned tuna, jelly, instant potatoes, fruit, pasta meals, peanut butter, jelly, snacks, powered milk, soup, tomato sauce, juice and paper grocery bags with handles.
The Summer Bazaar is rapidly approaching. The date is Saturday, June 22  from 9:30am to 2pm. The more support we have the better it will be. Granny’s Attic needs nice ‘stuff’ from your attic, cellar, garage or closet that you no longer want. The Gift Auction is looking for new gifts or gift cards Baked goods are welcome at the Bakery table (they can be brought in Friday or early Sat. morning). Susannah-Rachel’s Kitchen needs donations of turkeys to cook for their famous turkey salad. Your old jewelry will get a new life when it’s sold at the Jewelry table. If you can be at the Bazaar to set-up on Thursday or Friday, to work on Saturday or to clean-up on Saturday at 2pm; your assistance will be appreciated.  If you want to participate or have questions please call: Betty Rushton,  Granny’s Attic – Val Crossman, Jane Greenwald,  Gift Auction – Sue Gardner,  Bakery – Michelle Neiberlein,  Kitchen – Pat Keller,  Jewelry – Jill Lambert, or the church office.
Interfaith Neighbors News   Hungry for Lunch? Our friends at Interfaith Neighbors in Asbury Park invite you to the Kula Cafe, at 1201 Springwood Avenue. In addition to its soups, wraps, BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, veggie gumbo and homemade chicken pot pies, it also provides training in the restaurant and hospitality industry for the young and underemployed. Participants go through four weeks of job readiness training; then into the cafe for eight weeks of hands-on experience, followed by four weeks working in a subsidized externship at area restaurants with the goal of finding permanent employment. In addition to creating jobs, this program is designed to meet the needs of area restaurants who want to hire local employees; all profits go back into the restaurant and will keep training going for future participants. Open 11:30AM-4PM Monday-Friday. Visit or 732-455-0514.
Shawl Knitting Ministry: “Behold I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?”  (Isaiah 3:19)    The Shawl Ministry was started in 1998 by clergywomen in Connecticut who knit shawls for women   undergoing treatment for breast cancer and for new mothers. Others began knitting to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, friendship and love, and  personal and professional achievements, as well as consoling those who grieve, comforting those who are ill, bringing hope to those who are in despair. People all over the world are knitting (and crocheting) and receiving shawls as gifts of love. When someone wears a shawl, or uses it as a lap blanket, they are connected not only with those who made it, those in the congregation who prayed over it, and many people around the world, but also the healing power of God’s unending love. We ask God’s blessings on those who craft and give away their shawls, that they may be blessed by the shawls as they are given extending that blessing to those who receive.   Since 2007 The St. Andrew’s Shawl Ministry has crafted and given over 120 shawls; reaching out with God’s love. If you know someone who could benefit from being wrapped in a physical representation of the comforting love-filled arms of God,    please contact church office. If you’d like to join us, or learn to knit, let us know. Directions  are available in the mailboxes across from the choir room, or online at
The 19th Annual Walk for All Ages:   The 19th Walk for All Ages will be held on Sunday September 8, 2013 on the lawn of in front of the Great  Auditorium in Ocean Grove  to raise money for the Fellowship Fund.   United Methodist Homes provides care to 1300 seniors in 10 communities.  The founders of UMH made this promise: “no resident will ever be asked to leave due to inability to pay the total cost of care.”  Your generous contributions to The Fellowship Fund make it possible to keep this promise. Thank you for your support.
Growing as Disciples Through Giving
Thank You from Your Finance Committee:   As we enter these summer months, some of you will be traveling and/or entertaining and may not make it to church every Sunday.  We wish you a pleasant and wonderful summer and hope you will be here as much as you can on Sunday mornings.  If you are missing Sundays here, please remember to send in your financial commitment, as our expenses do not go down in the summer.  Some of you already make sure your commitment is here every week through automatic on-line banking, and we encourage others of you to do that.  Along with the payments you make regularly on-line, please add your contribution to the church and be sure it gets here on a timely and regular basis.  Fixed Monthly Expenses (which includes Personnel expenses, Shared  Ministries,  utilities, Insurance and Sunday School Curriculum.)   Plus Additional Expenses NOT  included in the fixed monthly expense is the Line of Credit, postage, office and cleaning supplies, lawn and equipment maintenance or  building maintenance and repair.
Needed monthly  $ 17,366.00
Actual Monthly Giving:  January $  12,311.00, February $14,156.00,
March $12,597.00,  April $17,023.80, May $17,534.00.
Leave Your Legacy at St. Andrew’s:  It was recently announced that St Andrew’s has initiated a Permanent Endowment Fund.  Planned gifts to this Fund will be permanently maintained and professionally invested in a conservative manner to generate annual income. The annual income generated will be    utilized to support and expand programs and missions of St. Andrew’s enabling our church to continue to reach out to the community in helpful ways while also seeking to find disciples for Christ who find a welcoming home at St. Andrew’s where their Christian journey can be supported.   We are all asked to consider whether a planned gift to the Endowment Fund is something we might consider.  Gifts can be made in a variety of ways from a gifting through a will, an annuity, life insurance, cash or other forms. The Endowment Fund Committee has enlisted the assistance of professionals who work in these areas who will donate their time and expertise to help potential donors understand and consider how each of us might best offer and structure a gift to the St. Andrew’s Permanent Endowment Fund.  All who would like to take the next step to consider whether a gift to the Endowment Fund is right for them are invited to call Tina at the church office, or Chip Craig, where your next questions can either be answered directly or an advisor will be called who will help answer questions, without cost.
Growing as Disciples Through Transition
Churches in transition – words from the Conference Transition Process Team:
Because the relationship between pastors and congregations is unique, and pastors are with people in moments of greatest joy, deepest sorrow, greatest victories and most tragic challenges, in major life events, when a new pastor comes it may be difficult to have to form new relationships. However, it’s also true that there can only be one shepherd for any flock. The new pastor needs to have the opportunity to lead, using the unique gifts and graces he brings. To facilitate this transition, we will say a grace-filled good-bye to Pastor Francie on June 16, and an equally sincere welcome and hospitable invitation to Pastor Eusun on July 7.
We are asked to share these important points about pastor involvement in the life of former congregation:
  • As of the effective date of a new appointment, (July 1, 2013 in our case) a pastor shall immediately cease all pastoral counseling and pastoral visitation with members or member families in the previous appointment. Since appointments are generally announced at least several weeks in advance, each pastor has adequate time in which to affect closure and make appropriate referral to another for the pastoral care of members.
  • Pastors shall have a clear understanding with former congregations that they will not return to officiate at baptisms, weddings, and funerals, or do pastoral counseling or pastoral visitation in that parish. Pastors, active or retired, shall respectfully decline to participate in such duties when invited by members of a former congregation. Declining all such invitations is the responsibility of the former pastor.
  • The District Superintendent must be consulted by the previous pastor in advance of any return for pastoral functions. Such visits to former churches shall require the advance approval of the District Superintendent. The present pastor should never be under any pressure to invite the previous pastor. Pressure to involve the previous pastor should not be generated by either the congregation or the previous pastor.
Director of Music search – update
      We have begun the search for a new Director of Music at St. Andrew’s .  The tireless efforts and dedication to St. Andrew’s by  Mary Eichhorn are a lofty target to hit.  A new job description has been drafted and has been placed on the St Andrew’s web site as well as the web site of the Greater  NJ United Methodist Conference web site.  We have begun to receive resumes and will begin to screen candidates in June.  If anyone knows of a qualified candidate, please either direct them to our website or they can send their information to me directly at drcg512(at)
     We cannot thank Felix Truex enough for being there for us during this transitional period.  There is no way we could have made it through these past 7 weeks without him.  GOD BLESS YOU, Felix for all you have done.  His schedule will only allow him fill in until June 23rd so we are also contacting several other organists in the area to “fill in” for the summer while the choir is not singing and until we can conclude our search for the Music Director.
      I thank all of you that have helped in this effort and God bless our continuing efforts.   Darren Gilbert, Chair S/PPRC
Growing as Disciples Through Gratitude:
We thank Ray Miller and all those who donate toward the ministry of phone cards to active military serving in the middle east. He faithfully lets you know of the need, you faithfully respond, and he send the cards through a United Methodist chaplain. The most recent cards went to Air Force Chaplains who distribute them at the Victory Chapel airmen ministry. They write, “your love and support continues to have a profound impact on those in uniform. It is individuals such as you who allow our troops to serve the mission with great spirit and high morale. Thank you for your continued support.”
Growing as Disciples Through Connection:
Report from Annual Conference:  The wind blows where it wills, you hear the sound that it makes, but you do not know where it is coming from or where it is going.  So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit. (John 3: 8)
The 2013 Session of Greater New Jersey Annual Conference met in June at its new location, the Conference Center in Wildwood NJ.  Here is a summary of some   decisions taken that will move us forward in our mission of Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World.  More information can be found at;  I call your attention to the “Leadership Report,” the “Strategic Ministry Plan,” and the Annual “Conference Wrap-up.”  Here are some highlights:
· Future with Hope Mission Fund Campaign to support our efforts to rebuild homes affected by Sandy; to help eliminate malaria in Africa through Imagine No Malaria; and to grow      mission projects in local congregations.
· Strategic Ministry Plan that challenges us to create and nurture highly vital congregations by connecting with communities, increasing diversity, providing dynamic leadership, and reaching the non- and nominally religious.
The Leadership Address made these summary points: “’It’s time for a courageous change.’  As the world is changing and the church faces a decline, it’s time to step out in faith and work in new ways, allowing the Spirit to lead us beyond the hard times and into a future with hope.   Projections show we will have 123 fewer congregations in 18 years unless we make major changes.  We are called to go beyond our current mission ministries and dream bigger, to be more imaginative, relational and transformative in our missional approach.”   The Strategic Ministry Plan calls us as a Conference to:
· increase the number of highly vital congregations;
· call, equip, send and support turnaround spiritual leaders;
· resource congregations to:
·        assess their ministry and establish a path for vitality;
·        develop worship that transforms lives and connects with people in the community;
·       make disciples, particularly with the non- and nominally religious in the community so that GNJ is making one new profession of faith for each 15 worshippers;
·       mature disciples, particularly through small groups and children and youth ministries that connect with the community so that 75% of our worshippers are engaged in a small group;
·       engage in justice and mercy ministries in the community and around the world so that 40% of our worshippers are engaged;
·      create a culture of generous giving for ministry and mission so that local churches spend $320 per worshipper on mission per year and we raise $12 million for mission.
       May God continue to inspire and bless the church!      Pastor Francie
Sandy Recovery Update: A Future with Hope: “For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope.” (Jeremiah 29:11)
              It’s been seven months since Superstorm Sandy devastated the shore area, even as we’ve just begun a new hurricane season.  In addition to tens of thousands of homes left uninhabitable, Sandy disrupted or discontinued thousands of jobs and impacted many lives.  The United Methodist Church, continues to work with 600 congregations in NJ and 30,000 nation-wide, with UMCOR and relief partners to rebuild homes, jobs and lives.  During the relief phase, GNJ Annual Conference, through its non-profit long-term recovery effort A Future with Hope, has provided more than 50,000 meals and shelter for more than 5,000 people, distributed more than 11,000 cleaning buckets and 3,500 health kits; mucked out nearly 2,000 homes, and provided comfort and spiritual support to thousands of people.  A Future with Hope will continue to assist repairing homes especially for the elderly, disabled and low income residents; rebuilding communities through asset-based strategies developing local leadership and strengthening community organizations; and renewing lives through spiritual counseling and case management for 1,000 families, all to build hope for the future. 
     There are ways you can continue to help survivors of the storm: volunteer for a team, or volunteer to help staff and support a hosting site (welcoming volunteers, cleaning, providing a meal, supporting volunteer needs); help families in your community who could use help with home repair or counseling support; give financial support to GNJ Sandy Relief Fund. 
      Cleaning buckets and health kits are also needed, to replace buckets and kits that came from UMCOR depots; we can now return the favor by making more for the next disaster (in fact they are needed for areas recently hit by tornadoes).  Instructions are available in the church office or on the bulletin boards near the Blakeman Room and across from the choir room. More information is available in the church office, or Greater New Jersey Annual Conference (1-877-677-2594, 732-359-1000 and at 
The Church Mailing Address: The Post Office asked us to remind you to address all correspondence to the church to 907 Fourth Ave. because “4th & West Lake is a  location not an address”.   Thank you.
Website and Facebook: Check out our website at for information, news,    newsletters, inspiration, and let us know what we can do to improve it to serve you better. Also find and “like” us on Facebook at for up to date information.

June 8th, 2013

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Celebrate EASTER with us – 9:00 and 11:00 identical services with choir.  Also, SUNRISE at 6:30AM on the Boardwalk at South Pavilion in Spring Lake.

March 30th, 2013

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God’s people have been called to move since the time of Abraham and Sarah, and throughout our faith history God has been faithful, asking us to be faithful in our time and place, following where we are led.  My call to ministry and ordination in the United Methodist Church has led me to unexpected places I would not have envisioned on my own but have been rewarded with great people and ministry, most prominently and recently St. Andrew’s in Spring Lake.  I have learned to trust God’s vision for me and the ministries I’ve been called to.  Sam and I will miss you all.  As we begin this time of transition, I will grieve the loss of ministry and friends even as I turn and face with excited anticipation the next leg of my journey in Piscataway. 

I invite you to face the future also with excited anticipation as St. Andrew’s moves forward and upward on to the next step of your journey.  Coming to St. Andrew’s on July 1 is Rev. Eusun Kim currently serving as pastor in Fair Haven. In his own words, he is “made in the USA,” and considers himself a “Jersey Boy,” a Pastor’s Kid growing up in North Jersey.  Before he graduated from Rutgers College he met his lovely wife Jay, and together they have two beautiful daughters Sofia who is 15 and Garielle who is 11.  He earned a Master of Divinity at Drew University, and has served several Anglo congregations in NY and NJ.  He has 12 pastors in his family including his father and older brother.  He is an avid motorcyclist logging 20,000 miles in the last five years. 

Some of you know Eusun in his spiritual leadership role at Skylands Walk to Emmaus, and I hope you will share your excitement that he is coming to pastoral leadership at St. Andrew’s.  He will have the opportunity to meet with leaders of St. Andrew’s in the spring, as you begin this transition together.  This is an exciting as well as anxious time for St. Andrew’s; do not be anxious, God is with you and taking care of you.      

Blessings and peace, Francie

March 15th, 2013

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My dear friends at St. Andrew’s:

As announced in worship on March 3, last week Sam and I learned that effective July 1, 2013 Bishop Schol has appointed me to Christ United Methodist Church in Piscataway, NJ. 

I’ll start by saying this was as much a surprise and shock to me and Sam as it is to you.  I did not ask to move nor did the church ask me to move.  We have walked together through good times and bad; we have supported one another and grown; we have taken great strides toward the church God intends St. Andrew’s to be.  Yet, there are times when the Conference’s overall needs require the Bishop to move pastors even when the relationship works well.  As pastors retire, churches open up; when pastors are appointed to those churches, another church opens up, and so on; United Methodist pastors move. The Bishop and Cabinet do not take these moves lightly; they are done with great prayer and discernment.  This is part of what it means to be part of the United Methodist Church.

On Sunday March 10, your Staff Parish Relationships Committee will announce to you the name of St. Andrew’s new pastor.  This choice was made by the Cabinet and Bishop with much prayer, and after much discussion with our District Superintendent Rev. Fran Noll who knows this church very well, knows many of you, and knows your vision and needs for the future.  I am confident that you are being well taken care of, and that your new pastor will lead you to places we have only begun to dream.   

Sam and I have been blessed indeed to serve with you at St. Andrew’s and to live in this beautiful area.  You have embraced us as your own, you have taken me into your homes and families; we have laughed and we have cried together; I love you all, and will miss you.  There will be plenty of time for good-byes; in the meantime we have lots to do to keep moving forward even as we work for a smooth transition.

Please keep Sam and me, keep St. Andrew’s and Christ Churches in your prayers during these months of change.  Please know and trust that God has great things in store for St. Andrew’s, and will not forsake you.  If you have questions, please contact me or the Chair of Staff Parish Relations Committee Darren Gilbert.       

Pastor Francie

March 9th, 2013

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Feb march 2013 newsletter on-line

February 18th, 2013

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